Low Doc Comparison Rate Calculator

A comparison rate is a method of standardising the true cost of a low doc loan. It factors in the interest rate, fees and charges and displays a single percentage rate that can be used to compare various low doc loans from different low doc lenders. This calculator can help you to find the comparison rate and see what the actual cost of a low doc loan will be.


  • Comparison rates do not include: non-lender fees and government charges such as stamp duty, Mortgage Registration fees, solicitors / surveyors fees, factors such as fee free banking, any fee that may not occur (such as late payment fees), break costs, deferred establishment fees, transaction fees (such as redraw fees), loan variation fees .
  • Interest is calculated by compounding on the same repayment frequency. In practice, interest compounding frequency may not be the same as repayment frequency.
  • No rounding is done throughout calculation whereas repayments are rounded to at least the nearer cent in practice.

The calculator has been provided in good faith as a guidance tool only. Results are not financial advice, are a guide only, and are not a guaranteed outcome or quote. Borrowers should always discuss their individual situation directly with us.

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