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Low Doc Car Loans Quote

Low Doc Car Loan quoting service for purchasing business use vehicles either privately or through a card yard. Suitable for either self employed or PAYG employed (but must be for business use). Very little documentation required. Minor credit impairment may be accepted.

Enter the vehicle details below and car loan requirements and we will provide you with an instant quote! Our data is current and accurate.
(or balloon payout)


  • Vehicle must be predominantly used for business purposes
  • Chattel Mortgage finance structure (call if other structure required)
  • Must be established in current Business for at least 2 years (ABN required to confirm)
  • Maximum Loan of $100,000 (if ABN not GST registered, maximum is $35,000)
  • Loan Term - minimum 36 months (3 years), maximum 60 months (5 years)
  • Maximum age of a Used Vehicle at "end of loan term" is 15 years
  • No deposit required if you have equity in real estate (copy of rates notice required), else a 20% Deposit applies (either through a trade-in or via cash)
  • Please ensure purchase price includes Luxury Car Tax (if applicable i.e. vehicle costs over $60,000)
  • Private Sales possible but inspection fees will apply
  • Private Sales must be "arm's length" - no relationship between buyer and seller
  • This quotation is final when repayments are confirmed through the Lender's quotation calculator
  • No imported converted vehicles allowed
  • Vehicle not to exceed 4.5 tonnes GVM
  • Applicant must have clean credit (minor non-financial paid defaults considered, trade disputes considered)
  • An Application fee of $408 applies (payable at Settlement by Direct Debit -OR- add to loan. To add to loan, increase vehicle price by $408.)
  • An ongoing admin fee of $5 per month applies (added to your quoted monthly payment)
  • Repayments are 'In Advance' by Direct Debit
  • Other Conditions may apply

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  • Tax invoice from Supplier
  • Supplier banking details and bank account deposit slip (if purchase price over $50,000)
  • Certified current driver's license
  • Trust information (if applicable)
  • Current Rates notice (if you own property)
  • Signed and dated Finance document
  • Business use declaration
  • Direct debit
  • Signed Privacy Document
  • Deed of Release if PPSR searches deem it necessary (we will advise)

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